Our Newsletter

From the first lockdown, we have been instructed not to have printed material in the body of the church or in the porch. We have been happy to continue to issue an online newsletter, sent to over a thousand parishioners, to keep you in touch with what is happening, in our parish, in the diocese or beyond. Everyone who is registered on ChurchSuite with an email address receives the newsletter weekly, but we are aware that not everyone is on our database and, of course, some of you do not have the internet.

As restrictions are relaxing a little we are now printing a few copies for those who cannot receive online. Please don’t take a copy if you receive it online. The printed newsletter is for THOSE PEOPLE WHO CANNOT RECEIVE IT BY EMAIL. A much reduced print run saves the parish money and also saves the environment. We don’t intend to return to the old print run.

Thank you to those who have taken it upon yourselves to print copies for those who don’t have the internet. There are more of you doing this than we know about, but you have helped keep our older parishioners in touch with their church. We are so grateful to you. Please register on ChurchSuite. If you are unable to, please let us have your name and address and phone number so we can register you.


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