Home Visits to the Sick and the Housebound

When the country went into lockdown we had to stop visiting sick people in their homes. Even when the restrictions were lifted, many sick and frail people remained understandably reluctant to ask us to start visiting them again. But there is another problem. After the lockdown, many parishioners who had been visiting people before Covid, became reluctant to resume visiting again, because they did not want to risk inadvertently bringing sickness into people’s homes. As a result our number of willing visitors dwindled.

Our appeal to the sick and housebound

Receiving Holy Communion should be the norm for all Catholics: it is the most perfect way in which Christ can enter into our lives. So if you are housebound and would like somebody to bring you Holy Communion, please get in touch – we will observe whatever safety measures you may ask of us. And, so that you know, we will not allow anybody to visit you unless they have been recently vetted by the archdiocese. And please, if you know somebody who could benefit from visits but who does not see this newsletter, could you please approach them for us?

Our appeal to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Happily, we now have a few more volunteers to bring Holy Communion to the sick, while several members of the SVP are able to offer social visits as well as Holy Communion. But if we are to live up to Jesus’ command to visit the sick, we still need more volunteers to help with this work. Lay ministers are not intended only to help in church: they are also commissioned to bring the Sacrament to the sick in their homes. Work, family commitments and personal health issues may not always make this possible, but if you are a lay minister, please consider this request and get in touch with us to offer your services.

Deacon Seán

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