New Year’s Resolution??

Have you ever started the year resolving to read through the whole bible – or resolving to increase your knowledge and understanding of the bible? I’ve tried many times and failed!

This year I discovered a plan that worked!! Not only will I have read (with 18 days to go) all 73 books of the Catholic bible but I have found the journey a joy and a revelation and it has helped me to relate God’s word to my everyday life. What’s the secret? The Bible in a Year podcast with Fr Mike Schmitz. Each daily episode is 20-25 minutes long and has 2 or 3 short scripture readings, a prayer and a reflection. The podcast is free on various platforms including Spotify, Hallow and Ascension and has around 750,000 daily listeners!! You can start at any time and go at your own pace – why not give it a try.

I plan to start a group in the New Year so that fellow Bible in a Year listeners can meet together and encourage one another.

Annie Williamson

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