Holy Communion under both kinds

As you will know the bishops lifted the remaining COVID restrictions in relation to the celebration of Mass before Easter – so the physical handshake/hug at the sign of Peace was restored, and so was permission for Holy Communion to be given to the Faithful under both kinds. The clergy team here decided earlier in the summer to begin to restore Holy Communion under both kinds from Advent. Offering the chalice to lay-people has been officially encouraged in this country since 1998, and I think was pioneered in this parish decades ago by Monsignor Strand: alongside this the ministry of lay-people authorised to assist with this has been a great source of strength in this parish, both during Mass and in relation to those who are sick or housebound. Unfortunately since COVID it has not been easy to re-build our teams of ministers (especially as there have also been delays in getting necessary DBS checks), but we would like those who organise rotas to enable Holy Communion to be given from the chalice from Advent Sunday. There will be new safeguards to minimise the risk of infection; we realise that until the teams are built up again people may have to exercise their ministry more frequently. Of course, no one is under any obligation to receive Holy Communion from the chalice.

Fr Ashley

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