International Day

At St Edmund’s, we have had a number of International Days, the last one being on 6th July 2019. They have been truly joyful and uplifting occasions when parishioners have come together to celebrate the rich tapestry of our different cultures.

During the pandemic, of course, we were unable to hold these events but now I’m delighted to invite you to our first International Day in four years, on Saturday 15th July.

It begins with Mass at 12.00 and is followed by lunch in the parish hall. I hope that both the Mass and the social gathering afterwards will reflect our unity in diversity, so just as we did in 2019 and in previous years you are invited to wear your national dress and bring along food pertaining to your culture.

It is my hope that our prayers, our hymns and songs, and all our actions will make this day a joyous and uplifting experience for everyone, so please get involved and do come along. It won’t be the same without you.

God bless,

Fr Steve

Fr John is leading the Mass and asks that anyone who wants to be involved gets in touch with him straight away to arrange music and bidding prayers and offertory gifts etc.

Sue Owen is leading the arrangements in the Hall and asks that people wanting to offer help contact her by EMAIL. There is decorating, seating music, food and drink, and setting up to be discussed. It would also be good to know a little about the food people will be bringing to share, so do let her know.

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