Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

It was good that many of you who have been commissioned by the archbishop as special ministers renewed your commitment at our various Masses last week. As always, the dialogue in the act of commitment included a reminder to go to one of the days of recollection which the diocese organises, and these will be publicised as details become known.

The clergy did notice that some of you who renewed your commitment do not appear to be on rotas for ministers to assist regularly at Mass. If you are not on a rota please contact the parish office as we are short of people at most Masses; if this is because of not having had a DBS check please let us know so this can be sorted out. In addition we also need more ministers to take Holy Communion to the housebound. Deacon Ray wrote last Sunday about how we hope to restore Holy Communion from the chalice; but this can only happen if the teams of ministers on the rotas return to the levels we had before the pandemic. What you do is important and it is valued – so please get in touch if you are not on a rota!

Fr Ashley

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