Landings: Helping Catholics to return to their Faith, Church and Community

Landings is a bridge from the secular life back to your faith, church and community. The Landings mission is to reach out to welcome returning Catholics. Returning Catholics are our fellow Catholics who left the Church at some point in their life but are now making a journey back. Landings provides “a safe place to land” for these Catholics to contemplate their return – in a series of small group meetings based on listening and hospitality.

As parishioners: we should encourage those who have been away from the church to return into church where they can be within their community. To where they belong. Where they can join us in putting their faith and trust in God. Look for God in Others. Pray for those yet to return that the Holy Spirit may Give them the Grace, Give them the Desire and Give them the Fortitude to walk through those doors every Sunday once again.

Landings is not a discussion group. Landings is not a class. Landings is an experience of faith sharing. Landings allows those who want to return to their faith to find healing and reconciliation through reflecting on and sharing their Spiritual Journey. Further, Landings 2 gently draws the returning Catholic into another phase of the returning process.

Do you have a friend or relative who has been away from the church and would like some encouragement to return? Please invite them to contact the Landings team via EMAIL, which comprises St. Edmund’s parishioners, that offers a non-judgemental forum to help them reconnect with their Catholic faith. Also, if you would like to join the Landings Team to help Catholics to return then Andrew, Annie and Denise would love to hear from you. You can really make a difference to Catholics looking to find their way back.

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