World Communications Day: Speaking with the Heart

World Communications Day is celebrated this Sunday, 21 May. The theme comes from Ephesians 4:15, Speaking with the heart – ‘The truth in love’.

In his message to mark the day, Pope Francis stresses the need to listen before speaking truth with a pure heart to “see beyond appearances and overcome the vague din which, in the field of information, does not help us discern in the complicated world in which we live.”

The Holy Father, warning against indifference and indignation, hails the example of the great Doctor of the Church, St Francis de Sales, in particular his commitment to patient, heartfelt dialogue. A gifted theologian, his phrase ‘Heart speaks to heart‘ inspired many, none more so than the recently canonised Saint John Henry Newman, who chose the phrase as his cardinalatial motto, ‘Cor ad cor loquitur‘.

Catholics in England and Wales will remember with affection that ‘Heart speaks unto heart’ was also the theme for Pope Benedict XVI’s historic visit to the UK in 2010.

You will find information, resources, prayers and more on the Bishops’ Conference website.

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