The Tablet and The Pastoral Review

In this parish we have been subscribing for some years to the weekly journal The Tablet (the only surviving weekly printed Catholic paper) and its sister quarterly journal, the Pastoral Review. Both publications give us a very good way of deepening our faith and keeping up to date with what is going on in the worldwide Church. The Tablet is organising a webinar next Tuesday evening on the topical subject of strikes in relation to Catholic teaching, featuring Professor Philip Booth (Bishops Conference and St Mary’s University) and Dr Maria Exall (President of the TUC) – details HERE.

The Pastoral Review began life in the 1930s as The Clergy Review – it subsequently became known as Priests and People and then the Pastoral Review. It exists to support not just clergy but all those involved in parish life and the life of Catholic schools, charities and other institutions. It has been owned by The Tablet in recent years. Following the sad death last summer of the editor, Professor Anthony Towey (whom some of you knew) I was asked to become Acting Editor (having been Reviews editor for some years) – the practical and professional work is done by staff at The Tablet. Some of you have written articles and book reviews for us in recent years, as it is important that we have contributions from Catholic laypeople, not simply clergy or theologians, and we are particularly keen to give space to younger Catholics (there is a special supplement for young Catholics which you may have seen called Inspire).

While we encourage you to buy a copy from the porch you might want to take out a subscription for £27 a year.

There is a lecture and special event in memory of Anthony Towey in central London next month (MEMORIAL LECTURE: In memory of Professor Anthony Towey).

If anyone is interested in writing for us, please let me know.

Fr Ashley

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