New Year Updates

Next Friday is the feast of the Epiphany, a holy day of obligation. There was an error on the back page of the Newsletter circulated last week. Masses will be as follows:

Thursday 5 January
Mass 10 am
No Mass at 6 pm
Vigil Mass 730 pm

Friday 6 January
Mass 730 am
Beginning of Term Mass St Mary’s School 930 am
Mass in church 10 am, 12 noon and 8 pm
No Mass at 6 pm

At all Masses in church blessed chalk will be available.

Don’t forget to visit the crib at the back of Church. All crib offerings will go to the Catholic Children’s Society’s Southwark Crisis Fund. Every penny donated to this fund is ring-fenced to be used to provide direct support to Southwark families who are facing a crisis in their lives.

The poster by the crib has a QR code on it, and there are Gift Aid envelopes on the reading slope. Cash donations can be placed in the wall box.

The Parish Office will reopen on Wednesday 4th January.

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