Update from Fr Steve

I hope that as you walk into our church this weekend you will be struck by the warmth that surrounds you. After almost a year without heating we are finally on the home stretch. Everything that needs to be in place is now in position and we are fine tuning the tempera-ture and the timing of the heating. Now all we need to do is raise further funds to defray the huge cost of the replacement system and to pay for the utility bills!

Following the pope’s guidance on caring for our planet and using its resources wisely, now that our heating is restored it would be wrong to keep the front doors of the church open to welcome you in and at the same time let all our heat out. Until the weather warms up and the heating is turned down, please use the side door to come into the church. Our church is open from about 7.30 in the morning until at least 7.00 at night.

You are all as welcome as ever, and maybe now the church is warm again, some of you who may not have returned to church since the pandemic might cross over the threshold once more.

Fr Steve

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