Special ‘Lockdown’ Requiem Mass

In the month of November Catholics pray for the Holy Souls, and we have often had Requiem Masses here for those whose funerals the clergy have celebrated. This year we are focussing on those whose funerals took place in the year between 24 March 2020 and 30 April 2021 since for much of this period there were a variety of restrictions on how funerals could be conducted, which limited how families could mourn their loved ones: in the earliest period the church could not be used and numbers in crematoria and at gravesides were severely limited; later on numbers in church were cut back and singing and ceremonial also limited. We did indicate to families that we would try to arrange proper Requiems for their loved ones when possible.

There will be a special Mass at 12 noon on Saturday 26 November. We have checked our records and we will remember primarily at this Mass the following people at whose funerals the clergy of this parish officiated in this period:

Jacqui Lee, Martin Calver, David Stephens, Peter Kelleher, Susannah Hayes, Daniel White, Theresa Cooper, Constantino Basconcillo, Rose Dimeo, Bernice Archibald, Maureen Bull, Mary Brown, Finola Butler, Jack Smith, Catherine O’Sullivan, Edward Burton, John Colling, Zoran Jovic, Celia Jovic, Barry Marchant, Bert Abel, Flora Kennedy, Sarah Battle, Bridget McGuinness, Keith Jones, James Byrne, Emma Panas, Mary Smith, Peter May, Patricia McAvoy, Joan Czurka, Evelina Ret-tie, Annie Sparman, Roisin Acquah, Siobhan Smith, Noreen Sweeney, Nicholas Bassett, Ted Northwood, Nora Kidd, Keith Garroway, Tessa Gould, John O’Sullivan, Katrina Fleming, Derek Ransley, Richard Lee, Joan Dempsey, Michael O’Sullivan, Alice Appiah-Gyan, Warren Lake, Mary Morley, Marie Hayock, Anthony Faller, Angela Willis, Terence McCarthy, Thomas Bromell, Deacon Bill Boyd, Mabel Graves, Anthony Walsh, John O’Neill, Pietro Perdoni, Monica Richardson, Pat Gibney and Marise Howells.

We will also pray for the soul of Archbishop Peter Smith, formerly Archbishop of Southwark, who died in this period and whose funeral in the cathedral was very curtailed

We are conscious that our records are not complete so if you know of anyone whose funeral we conducted in this period who is not listed here please let Fr Ashley know.

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