‘Lockdown’ Requiem Mass

You may remember that at various times between March 2020 and March 2021 it was not possible for Catholic funerals to be celebrated in the customary manner. When churches were completely closed a Requiem Mass was not possible; also, particularly in the early months, numbers at the graveside and in crematorium chapels were severely limited. The clergy felt at the time, and said this to mourners, that when possible we would arrange a Requiem Mass for the souls of those whose funerals took place here in that period. For many people the pain of bereavement was exacerbated both by being unable, in many cases, to be with a family member or friend at the time of death, and by having a very attenuated and simple funeral. Therefore it has been decided to have a Requiem Mass on these lines on SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER at noon.

We will be contacting families affected. from our records, but please book the date now.

Fr Ashley

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