Let’s Journey Together

You may recall in the parish newsletter of 10 July, I invited you all to have a look at 6 areas of parish life you may wish to get involved in:

  1. Evangelisation, education, formation & outreach
  2. Welfare, pastoral, safeguarding
  3. Liturgy, spirituality
  4. Welcome, fundraising, social events
  5. Marketing, communications
  6. Operations, HR, H & S, premises, finance, record keeping

A number of you responded to the invitation for which I thank you. You will be pleased to know there will be an informal meeting to which are all invited, on Wednesday 14 September at 7pm in the parish hall. For those who are unable to attend the meeting there will be a further opportunity to get involved the following Tuesday, 20 September by Zoom. Even if you didn’t get round to replying to the initial invitation to become involved, do please come along or join us by Zoom.

Fr Steve

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