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Dear Parishioner,

I am delighted to write to you to give you the latest update on the Synodal process.

Since my last letter there has been a series of meetings between the Parish Team (me, Fr John, Fr Ashley, and Deacons Sean, Ray and Sandy, and the Office staff, Barbara and Rosemary, and the Synod Team (Emma, Sue, Liz, Fran) to truly discern what needs to be done and what will work for our Parish.

As a result of this the following areas have been identified as key areas in the life of our parish:

Please take a look at these areas and ask yourself which one attracts you the most…. consider which one you would be best able to contribute to…which one would be best served by your talents. Once you have reflected on these areas, please get in touch with me. I would love to know your thoughts, ideas, questions and decisions. I suggest a closing date of 31st July and look forward to hearing from you by then.

The next stage will be to form discussion groups for each of these areas in September – a great opportunity to get to know each other and better understand the work involved.

One future consideration from the team discussions is the possibility of forming a parish council (Parish Think Tank?) on which there would be representation from each of the key areas with someone independent of the key areas to chair the council.

Please remember our values:


Fr Steve

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