Which Bible to buy?

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Sometimes people ask for advice about buying Bibles. I am not a biblical scholar but I think I always indicate two things. First of all, make sure you get a Catholic Bible (so not, for example, the ‘Authorised Version’ or the ‘New International Version’). I am not being anti-Protestant or anti-Anglican, but most Bibles you buy in this country are incomplete and don’t have all the Old Testament books which the Catholic Church says are in the Bible.

Being more positive, what I have said before and would say again is that the 2019 Revised New Jerusalem Bible edited by Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB (Ampleforth Abbey) is one of the best I have seen in recent years: details here.

This has good, up to date notes, a very readable and accurate translation, and it is not too expensive. It also has official approval from the Bishops Conference. It is the second revision of The Jerusalem Bible (1966) which we currently use at Mass.

Fr Ashley.

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