Ukraine Refugee Accommodation Request

We have received the following appeal for accommodation for a Ukrainian couple, so please consider this if you are registering for the sponsorship scheme:


My name is Oksana and I live in Rectory Road. I came to settle in the UK 20 years ago and became a British Citizen, but the rest of my family are in Ukraine, where the conditions are now nightmarish. My mother and father are elderly and disabled, and are resigned to staying put and hoping for the best, with care and assistance from my sister.

However, my 29-year-old nephew Igor and his wife Maryna have decided to leave until the war is over. He has been allowed to cross the border into Hungary because he suffers from cystic fibrosis and could not possibly fight for his beloved country. Maryna is expecting their baby in June and the pregnancy is complex following IVF, so they both have medical needs. Their Visa applications are being prioritised on health grounds and they hope to reach the UK within the next few weeks.

My own living space is limited and they could not be adequately housed with me for more than a few days, so I am looking for accommodation in this area (Beckenham, BR3) so that I can be near them for help and support. It preferably needs to be on the ground floor because Igor cannot now cope with stairs, but all options to be considered please.

Igor intends to drive from Hungary and would need to park his car within 20 or 30 yards (the distance he can walk). He also needs an internet connection as he has a good job and works from home. His English is good and he is very determined to continue supporting himself and Maryna – and her ‘bump’.

If you are signing up for the sponsorship scheme and have accommodation that might be suitable but not yet allocated to a Ukrainian family, I would be extremely grateful to hear from you.

My email address:

My mobile phone: 07506 050 151

For information on the UK Government sponsorship scheme, and to register, visit the Homes for Ukraine website.

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