Blessing of Easter Foods

For a number of years before Covid struck, we celebrated in our parish the Blessing of Easter Foods, which is a service known throughout eastern Europe.

We would very much like to re-instate this service this year. It is a lovely way to celebrate the richness of the cultural diversity of our parishioners in St Edmunds, and at this dreadful time when the safety and lives of so many are threatened in Ukraine, we hope it can be a gesture of solidarity and love towards those who are affected in any way.

Previously Deacon Sean and Agata Bogunia arranged this service. Agata and her family have moved back to Poland so we very much hope that a small group could be formed to organise this.

If you would like to be part of this group please email the Office at: putting Blessing of Foods as the subject line, and we will put you in touch with each other.

No one yet has come forward to offer their help. We won’t be able to have this service without a group to prepare it, so please get in touch.

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