Family Mass – Sunday at 9.30 am in the Hall

Parents! Do you have children at Primary School? Do you have children too young to be at school? Do you have children preparing for First Holy Communion? This Mass is for all of you!

Every Sunday at 9.30 a Family Mass takes place in the Hall. A large number of families attend regularly; some of their children are very young, others are in their older primary school years, with two of the latter about to train as altar servers.

We aim to show children how to participate at Mass, by teaching them to join in with all the responses and gestures and when to be especially quiet. We include lots of singing, encourage all the children to take part in the entry procession at the beginning of Mass, ask families to read and take up the offertory gifts. By taking as full a part as possible, children develop their understanding and contribution to our worship as members of the Family of the Church; the Mass is excellent preparation, too, for those approaching their First Communion.

It would be good to have a group of children regularly preparing the Bidding Prayers and leading the singing, but we need more of our older children to take this on.

If you haven’t yet attended Family Mass, you and your children would be very welcome and we look forward to seeing you!

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