Church Heating Update

I promised I would keep you updated on the status of our heating (or lack of it!). As you can imagine the expense of replacing the system will be huge and it is vital we take a careful and thorough look at the systems that are suitable for a building like ours, not only that they are cost effective, efficient to run and maintain, that they heat the church and do as little damage to the environment as possible.

There is much work going on behind the scenes, seeking expert advice on the appropriate way forward but this will take time.

Some of you will know that the temporary heaters are causing problems with the electrics and even with the heaters on the church is still very cold, so please continue to wrap up warm and bring a blanket with you if you wish.

It will be no surprise to you that we will need to raise additional funds to cover the cost of this work and we will shortly be making an appeal for this. In the meantime, if you would like to donate towards the replacement heating system you can do so HERE. By using one of the envelopes at the back of church and putting your donation through the office door. Many thanks to those parishioners who have anticipated our need for financial assistance and have already contributed so generously. I am most grateful to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. I will keep you posted.

Fr Steve

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