No Heating in Church – Wrap up Well

We have been carefully tending our church boiler, trying to get more years of service out of it, but unfortunately, we have been caught out.

The engineer who came to look at it on Thursday said he could not allow us to light it again.  We are therefore without heating.

The electrical system in the church is not able to support industrial heaters.   We have therefore moved some temporary domestic heaters into the church but they will not be able adequately to heat the building.

We have arranged visits from companies used to installing heating into churches and when their quotations are in we will instruct one of them to proceed at the earliest.

There is no expectation that any work will be carried out before the new year.

The church is very cold, so if you come to Mass, you must dress appropriately.  We understand that for some of you the cold will be too much to cope with.

Please try not to keep asking when the problem will be resolved.  We do not know, but you have my word that resolving it is my top priority.

Fr Steve

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