More Masses and longer opening hours

This is a picture of something we haven’t seen for a while – a large number of people all going into our church at once, not in an ordered queue (Good Friday). We’re not at that stage yet, but we can announce some changes:

  1. From tomorrow Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will continue until 12 noon, and then cease so that the church can remain open until the evening Mass (there needs to be at least one person in the church if it’s open and the Sacrament is exposed).
  2. From the weekend of 3/4 July our normal Sunday pattern of Masses will resume – that is, Saturday 6, Sunday 8, 930, 11, 530 and 7; the overflow Mass in the hall at 930 will remain as well.

It is important, as in other walks of life, to continue to observe current regulations in relation to social distancing, the wearing of masks and so on; and we have no idea, for example, when congregational singing will be permitted.

God bless and take care

Fr Ashley



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