Third Sunday of Easter

The gospel reading this evening and tomorrow is the final appearance of the risen Christ to his disciples in Luke’s gospel (chapter 24) immediately after the lovely account of his meeting the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Here, as in John’s Gospel, the Lord greets his disciples with the words ‘Peace be with you’ – this is why at the beginning of Mass a bishop in the Catholic Church always greets the people in the same way. Luke tells us that they were, unsurprisingly, ‘startled and terrified’. Jesus assures them that he is not a ghost and asks them if they have anything to eat (they were clearly having a meal). They give him some broiled fish and he eats it in front of them. The humanity of this scene perhaps reminds us of the importance of shared meals, something we have missed for a long time. For Christians the risen Lord Jesus is the focus above all of our love at this time, the victor over death and sin.

Many of you come from India or have family members in India, where Covid-19 is particularly bad at the moment. Please be assured of our prayers. Please pray also for the soul of Alphonse Vianneyraj, the father of Fr Alphonse Vianneyraj who was in our parish last year, who has died recently.

Our advertised Masses are open to all and you do not have to book. There is an overflow Mass in the hall at 930 tomorrow. We are grateful particularly to our three liturgical choirs for singing at the three Masses in church.

God bless and take care

Fr Ashley

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