LEPRA – We will beat Leprosy together

Today, 600 people will be diagnosed with leprosy. Leprosy is completely curable if treated early. Lepra works directly with communities in Bangladesh, India, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to find, treat and rehabilitate people affected by leprosy. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the world, steepening in-equality and injustice, and has made our work even more important.

Earlier this year parishioners offered generous support to Lepra through a second collection and as we approach Christmas we are asking for your support by buying charity Christmas cards online. To do so please follow either of the links below to purchase Christmas cards or to send E-cards in support of Lepra.

We at Lepra and our beneficiaries thank you for your support. Together we will beat leprosy.

Cards for Good Causes: Click HERE

E-Cards: Click HERE

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