Feast of St James the Great

Today is the feast of St James the Great (there were two disciples with this name, or rather Jacob), the first apostle to be martyred (Acts chapter 12) – some of you will have been to his great shrine at Compostella in Spain, which houses the famous ‘botafumeiro’, the large thurible which swings from the ceiling of the cathedral.

Today is the first anniversary of the inauguration of the ministry of Archbishop John Wilson as Archbishop of Southwark. His first year as our pastor has not turned out as he expected – please pray for him that God will continue to guide and strengthen him in these unprecedented times.

Please remember that in St Edmund’s and in the hall we are asking you to wear masks when you come to Mass from now on; if you have a medical condition which dispenses you under the new legal regulations for shops in England (such as chronic asthma), we would urge you not to come to Mass for the time being.

This is not just a rule – wearing a mask is about being considerate towards other people.

God bless and take care
Fr Ashley


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