A Message from Fr Steve

This Friday, 7.30 pm, there is a Witness and Worship event taking place at St Edmund’s. This is an opportunity for us to praise God with our voices and from the depths of our hearts and to listen to people who can reveal how God has profoundly changed their lives. I’m sure you will agree with me there is a lot of disturbing and depressing news around at the present time. I am certainly not going to make a list of these here but simply ask you, why not take advantage of this opportunity and come along, and don’t forget to spread the word. When we praise God and tell of His wonders in our lives we are giving glory to Him and receiving His protection from the evil one.

Fr Vianney has informed me that he wishes to return to India. He flies home this Wednesday. The reason he has come to this decision is that his 95 year old father is missing him terribly and has asked that he come home. This is very understandable and I think we can all appreciate the wishes of both father and son. On behalf of you all I would like to thank Fr Vianney for his friendship and service at St Edmund’s and wish him a very safe journey home and happy reunion with his father.

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