Mothers’ Prayers

In our parish a small group meets to pray for all children and place them into the loving care of Jesus. If you would like us to pray for any child/children/grandchildren, write their name/s on a piece of paper, put it in a sealed envelope (to protect confidentiality) and mark the envelope clearly ‘Mothers Prayers’.

Please post your envelope through the door of the Parish Office from where we will collect them and pray for them as we present our children to Jesus. Enquiries may be made to the Parish Office on 020 8650 0970.

A Message from Fr Steve on prayer:

We can learn a lot from the saints especially on important subjects such as prayer. St Therese of Lisieux writes: “The power of prayer is indeed wonderful. It is like a queen, who, having free access always to the king, can obtain whatever she asks. To secure a hearing there is no need to recite set prayers composed for the occasion – were this the case, I should indeed deserved to be pitied! Apart from the Office [the daily prayer of the Church] which is a daily joy, I do not have the courage to search through books for beautiful prayers. They are so numerous that it would only make my head ache. Unable either to say them all or to choose between them, I do as a child who cannot read – I just say what I want to say to God, quite simply, and he never fails to understand.” I hope this helps.

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