A Prayer for You this Easter

The Gospel reading for Easter Sunday describes the beloved disciple John reaching the tomb first before Peter. He looks in to see the linen cloths lying there but for some reason does not enter. It is only after Peter has witnessed the empty tomb that John decides to go in and we are told, ‘He saw and believed’.

Later on in the same chapter in John’s Gospel there is the account of Thomas who demands to see the risen Jesus and touch his wounds. Only then would he believe.

Both these men along with other disciples would meet the risen Lord.

So far in life I haven’t met anyone who has come face to face with Our Saviour and yet their faith is unbelievably strong. Indeed, Jesus tells Thomas, ‘Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe’.

My prayer for you all this Easter and in the days to come is that you will be truly blessed because of your faith in God and his promise of resurrection to all his faithful.

On behalf of the clergy I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Be assured of ours.

Fr. Steve

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