Add Your Voice to Our Folk Choir

Those who come to the 5:30pm  Mass will have noticed that we have completed our new songbooks (hurray, at last!) and this of course means that the old ones are no longer needed. If you would like to keep a copy of the old book please ask a member of the choir after 5:30pm mass within the next few weeks. Any that aren’t taken will be recycled.

As well as keeping the old favourites we have added about 50 new songs in this book. The Folk Choir would gladly welcome anyone who would like to join us in learning them: practices are held weekly on Thursday evenings. Whilst we try to make music of a high standard we are also a fun and social choir.

If you are interested in joining us then please speak to a member of the choir after Mass or contact us by EMAIL or phone Marion on 020 8658 3942 or Sarah on 020 8650 5389.

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