Our Sick List

The list of the names of the sick which is read out at Mass each day has become rather lengthy and we are concerned that some names have been on it for a long time. This list should contain the names only of those people who are in sight of death or who are to undergo a major operation in the next day or so. The place for the long term sick is the list on the back of the newsletter. We are starting again with the Mass Sick List. Please do not ask for a name to be included if it is more appropriate for the list in the newsletter.

Our Bidding Prayers always ask for all the sick to be remembered. Those listed on our Newsletter are as follows, and we pray for them:

Peter Appleyard, Mary Atsu, James Bekoe, Kim Benardis, Christopher Browne, Edith Campos, Vienna-Marie Carpenter, John Colling, Tony Cox, Ruby Desmond, Giacomo Dillon, Kate Dillon, John Dillon, Rita Dixon, Elizabeth, Ann Elmer, Martin Farquhar, Margaret Fennessy, Luigi Ferrara, Suzette Fox, Barry Gardiner, Baby Megan May Gavey, Isabelle Ghawi, Philomena Guard, Hans Halpin, Eileen Hayes, Pat Hibberd, Norman Holland, Frank Holmes, Dave Hustwayte, Dawn Hutchinson. Kathy Jobson, Alabooso JoeJim, Victoria Jovanov, Zara Kadi, Fr Peter Kelly, Grace Knight, Peggy Lake, Dot Leaver, Anita Leslau, Sarah Lister, Mim Lodge, Neelam Malik, Kathleen McGeehan, Dominic McGrath, Jim McGrath, Natalie McGrath, Mickey McGuigan, Paul McQuinny and family, Patrick Metters, Eddie Mitchell 18 months, Gaynor Mullane, Dominic Nash, Sean O’Connor, Josephine O’Hagan, Valerie Parr, Leonard Pope, John Quaife, Kieran Quinn (13 Months), Baby Isaac Ratinckx, Louise Ridge, Gabriella Rolls, Sandra Sekulic, Claire Shelton-Jones, Marie-Therese Sinon, Mike & Eileen Slemen, Rebecca Strong, Jo Subieta, Eleni Symeou, John Sylvester, Sarah Thornton, Barry Thorp, Katie Toone, Jeanne Tadier, Barbara Tucker, Shirley Turner, Annette Virdee, Hilary Walker, Louise Walters, Patricia Weal, Terry Weal, Emma Winch, Freda Wukolz, George Wukolz, Maureen Young, Fred Wye and Ziggy Sobolewski.

(Please advise the Office when names can be removed)


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