Fr Ashley to attend Rome Conference

This is a picture of the Notre Dame University Rome Global Gateway, a centre for the American Catholic university where some American students come to study each year. I am going there for a conference later this week inaugurating a new international Consortium of Catholic Universities, as part of a small group going from St Mary’s University here. The conference is entitled ‘The Catholic University, Environmental Justice and Research for a Sustainable Future’. Among academics taking part will be some from the Catholic University of Ukraine in Lviv, as well as people from elsewhere in Europe, Latin America, Australia and the Holy Land. Please hold all of us in our prayers. Among those who would have been part of the St Mary’s group is Professor Anthony Towey, known to some of you, who is sadly too ill to join us.

I haven’t been to Rome for nearly ten years so I am looking forward to it and will pray for you all when I am there (I think we’re near the Colosseum and the lovely basilica of San Clemente).

God bless

Father Ashley

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