End of the School Year

This week sees the last few days of school for most of our young parishioners, with many having broken up already.

Our thanks and prayers must go to all those who work in our two parish schools, for everything they do for our children. We thank the teaching staff and assistants, cleaners, cooks, dinner ladies, caretakers and volunteers who give so much throughout the school year. This academic year brought its own particular challenges and we are so grateful for all you achieved. We wish you all a restful break.

To those of you who will be fortunate enough to go away on holiday we pray that you have a safe and comfortable journey, a happy and harmonious break and a safe return.

If you are holidaying in England or Wales you can find the Mass times local to where you will be by going online HERE.

Please remember that many of these rural parishes rely on visitors’ offerings during the summer to keep their churches open throughout the year. Many of them may have been closed since the pandemic began, so please give them your support.


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