Holy Tuesday

On Tuesday in Holy Week, sometimes called Holy Tuesday, our gospel reading is always from John 13, where Jesus predicts both Judas’ betrayal of him and Peter’s denial. Amidst rather shallow optimism which seems to be around, traditionally Christians see Holy Week as a time of penitence: just as we identify the Lord in his sufferings with all those who suffer in the world, so we, if we’re honest, make the link between the flaws and sins of the other characters in the Passion story – and particularly Jesus’ disciples – and our own sins. Some may think that in a time of pandemic (and it’s worth remembering that insularity has no place in the attitude of Christians and we should be remembering how much suffering there still is because of Covid-19 in the rest of Europe and the world) we all need cheering up; but traditionally Christians have also reacted to plagues and pestilence by seeking forgiveness for our sins. As we try to enter into Our Lord’s sufferings in this Holy Week, this does need to be part of the Christian message. People have been misled by false messages of hope in the past.

It is good see some of you back at Mass in church. As before we have to anticipate Bidding Prayers before Mass begins and as at Christmas Holy Communion is being given at the end of Mass, after the dismissal, to enable you to leave the church straightaway. Many thanks to our stewards. You may have noticed that we now have a special machine at the back of church to enable you to make a contactless donation.

God bless and take care

Fr Ashley

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