“Shout for all you are worth, raise your voice…”

As in Advent, many of our scripture readings in Lent are from the Old Testament prophets, and today from Isaiah chapter 58, a vigorous call for justice and integrity in society. In the Bible there are far more about social justice – compared to personal sinfulness – than we often realise, tempted as we are to see Lent as being solely about our individual prayer lives. The opening words of today’s reading, ‘Shout for all you are worth, raise your voice…’ were used by Pope Benedict XV (in Latin, ‘Clama, ne cesses, quasi tuba exalta vocam tuam’) early in the First World War at the beginning of one of his many calls on the warring nations to stop the fighting which was laying waste to the continent of Europe.

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God bless and take care

Fr Ashley

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