Sunday of the Word of God

This Sunday we keep the second annual Sunday of the Word of God, a special observance for this Sunday set up by Pope Francis in September 2019. I have written about the importance of this in our parish newsletter for this weekend. One opportunity the pandemic has given us is the chance to rear our Bibles more at home; we encounter the presence of Christ in the scriptures, as we do when we are able to come to Mass or pray before the tabernacle; and we have Bibles in our homes (or should do).

On Wednesday the whole world saw a very big Bible. This was the Biden family Bible, dating from the 1890s, which the new president has used for all his swearing in ceremonies for political office. As you can see here it is the Douay Rheims Version, the most widely used English translation of the Bible for Catholics until Monsignor Ronald Knox published his version after the Second World War.

God bless and take care

Fr Ashley

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