Feast of St Vincent of Saragossa

Today the Church honours St Vincent of Saragossa, the first martyr of Spain. Like St Agnes whom we recalled yesterday, he was martyred at the beginning of the fourth century in the persecution of Diocletian. In the early Church deacons had a particularly close relationship with the bishop, and in Saragossa this was even more true because the bishop had a speech impediment and Vincent had to preach on his behalf. He was tortured and died in prison in AD 304.

The ministry of deacons, both in this parish and elsewhere in the world, has been important during this pandemic, but sometimes overlooked. Please pray for Deacons Sean Murphy and Duncan Aitkens, and for Sandy Misquitta and Ray Williamson who are in formation for the diaconate; also for those of us responsible for the formation of deacons and for vocations to this essential form of ministry. Pray also today for the Church and people of Spain and for Spanish people living in this country and in our parish.

God bless and take care

Fr Ashley

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