Sick List – Please get in Touch

The sick list in the newsletter (as below) has become rather long. If your name is on it or you requested that a name be included and that person no longer needs to be prayed for, please let the Office know so that we can remove that name. From the first newsletter in June we will include only those names that have been asked for or who we know to be ill.

We pray for the sick: Andrew, Ros Bennett, Bernice, Michael Beswick, Edith Campos, Emma-Jane, Fr Leon Carberry, Carmel Cardiff, Paul James Claridge, Arthur Cromwell, Joan Davies, Daniel Dennehy, Giacomo Dillon, John Dillon, Joshua Dunford, Nicholas Dunford, Rosanna Domenissini, Ann Elmer, Elizabeth, Olive Essien, Victoria Fenton, Chris Grant, Hans Halpin, Anisah Hassan, Eileen Hayes, Kathleen Heneghan, Jim Henry, Catherine Hulland, Jerry Jacob, John, Sarah Marie Kench, Ken Kench, Keith Kench, Ann Kingston, Richard Kirin, Grace Knight, Anthony Maher, Marie, Paul McQuinny and family, Maria McWay, Eddie Mitchell, Orla O’Regan, Jonathan Parker, Catherine Phelan, Hilary Pitt, John Quaife, David Rogers, Rosa, Colleen Schroeder, Siobhan, Paula Shaw, Paul Stevenson, Louise Williams, Charlie Wynn, Barry Thorp, Francesca Weal-Walkington, Patricia Weal, Joan & Alfred and Charles.

Please would you remember in your prayers Chris, a young man from Scotland, who has been a part of our parish community since we first began live streaming our services. Chris is not in good health and this week had yet one more operation.

Let us pray for a swift recovery for Chris and for all who have had procedures this week.

There will be a Mass for the Sick and Housebound on Saturday 1 June at 3.00pm

There will be priests available to hear confession from 2.30pm and following Mass. During Mass there will be Anointing of the Sick. Afterwards everyone is invited to have refreshments in the Hall.

It would be helpful if anyone who is coming, or their carer could please contact the organiser Fiona on 07956 516 279 or email Please also get in touch with Fiona if transport is required.

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