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Most schools have now closed for the summer and many families will be going away on holiday. We hope you all enjoy your time together and that you return refreshed and renewed. You can find the location of your nearest Catholic church on Remember that many of the smaller churches in holiday areas rely on the income they receive during the summer months to keep them open throughout the year.



Holy days of obligation
8.00 am

9.30 am

11.00 am

5.30 pm

7.00 pm




(Mon-Thur & Sat at Claver Convent)

10.00 am

7.30 pm

(Wed only)


9.10 am

(St Mary’s – term time only)


12.00 noon


10.30am -11.00am


5.00pm -6.00pm

 The Rosary is prayed every Monday to Saturday for twenty minutes before the start of 10.00 am Mass. After Mass there is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for an hour; you are free to come in when you wish and to leave when you want. Rosary and Adoration continues throughout the summer.

 Forthcoming Events

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