Last Saturday at 2.30 in the afternoon I was very blessed to celebrate a Mass of Baptism and Confirmation. On this memorable occasion, which we would normally have celebrated earlier in the year at the Easter vigil, but due to the pandemic was delayed, four people were received into the Catholic Church. Claire Elizabeth McCarthy was confirmed and Lauren Elliott, Saied Ebrahimy Karganrood and Lauren Weller were both baptised and confirmed. Sharing their joy were family members, godparents, sponsors and friends as well as Deacon Sean, Peter our MC and the team who lead the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) programme.

My thanks to Deacon Sean, Mary and Cathy for all their hard work preparing for the Mass. It simply would never have happened without you.

However, the day didn’t end there, there was still more to come. Immediately after the Mass another special celebration took place conducted by Deacon Sean, the baptisms of three children – Alara Florence McCarthy and her younger sister Enis, and Amelia Lillie Weller, the two daughters of Claire McCarthy, and Lauren Weller’s daughter.

On behalf of all the parishioners of St Edmund’s I warmly welcome you all into the Catholic Church. Be assured of our prayers and best wishes


A quick search of the web reveals a wide range of sites that have activities for children of different ages. There are fun and rewarding things to do with your children at any time but particularly at the moment when we have very few young people coming to Mass. Some of the sites are geared more towards childrens’ catechists but it is easy to adapt the contents to a family situation.

Take a look at:


This is the Facebook page of a mum of four children which offers short services for Sunday worship.

There is also CatholicMom.com which is full of interesting articles, gospel reflections, culture and fun.

You can register for Cafod’s online virtual childrens’ liturgy that is broadcast each Sunday at 10.00 am. Click here.

Aid to the Church in Need ~ Childs Bible Project . Click here.

Another one to try is www.tentenresources.co.uk. This is a group you might have read about in the newsletter – they are a theatre group and their site has many resources including a Sunday liturgy aimed at young people.

There is loads more available. Give the web a browse and you will be surprised with the resources that are available.


Some of our stewards are being put in a difficult position by some parishioners who object to being asked to wear a mask when they attend Mass. Our stewards are all volunteers, giving their time freely to enable you to attend Mass. They have stewarded and sanitized the church for the last three months and without their service we would have to close the church.

Please think twice before questioning what they say. It is my decision that all who attend Mass should wear a mask. I have decided on this for the safety of everyone.

Asthma UK has advised that wearing a mask might be a little uncomfortable but that it does not impede breathing.

Fr Steve