Jesus Christ demonstrated great power. Pope Benedict XVI emeritus enlightens us on this special power unlike any other.

But in what does this ‘power’ of Jesus Christ the King consist? It is not the power of the kings or the great people of this world; it is the divine power to give eternal life, to liber-ate from evil, to defeat the dominion of death. It is the power of love that can draw good from evil, that can melt a hardened heart, bring peace amid the harshest conflict and kindle hope in the thickest darkness. This Kingdom of Grace is never imposed and always respects our freedom. Christ came “to bear witness to the truth” (John 18:37), as he declared to Pilate: whoever accepts this witness serves beneath his banner….

Every conscience therefore, must make a choice. Who do I want to follow? God or the evil one? The truth or falsehood? Choosing Christ does not guarantee success according to the world’s criteria but assures the peace and joy that he alone can give us. This is demonstrated, in every epoch, by the experience of numerous men and women, who in Christ’s name, in the name of truth and justice, were able to oppose the enticement of worldly powers with their different masks, to the point where they sealed their fidelity with martyrdom.

[ Pope Benedict XVI emeritus on the feast of Christ the King 22nd November 2009]