Although the year of mercy has ended the works of mercy have not: the doors of mercy were closed in our basilicas and dioceses last year but the living doors of mercy are opened 24 hours a day. Jesus’ gate of mercy has no lock, his mercy flows like a river to all souls. He is that fountain and sanctuary of boundless mercy. Jesus invites all to come to his fount of mercy especially on Divine Mercy Sunday to gain free mercy of extraordinary grace. Jesus said to St Faustina, “Whoever approaches the fount of life on this day will be granted complete re-mission of sins and punishment. On that day the very depth of my tender mercy will be opened. I will pour out an entire ocean of grace upon those souls who approach the fount of my mercy”. This is a sincere promise from Jesus who never fails.

This message given to St Faustina is not meant for her alone, it is a message to be propagated to the whole world by you and me, apostles of God’s mercy. Every year the feast of Divine Mercy reminds us that we are called to be apostles of God’s mercy, like St Faustina. The world today more than ever is in dire need of God’s mercy and divine mercy apostles. It is a world of total turmoil; everywhere is surrounded by fear, fear of terrorism, nuclear weapons, ungodly activities, migration, hunger and poverty. Today evilness, wickedness and brokenness is the way of life. The only remedy is the love and mercy of God to be proclaimed and to be lived. The world is in need of apostles of mercy.

Every Christian is an apostle of mercy; you are an apostle of mercy. Pope Francis says, “A faith that cannot be merciful, as the Lord’s wounds were a sign of mercy, is not faith.” Our faith must be lived practically. Pope Francis beseeches us, “Be an apostle of mercy towards those in need; be God’s tenderness and consolation to the dying and depressed.” Jesus said to St Faustina, “If a soul does not exercise mercy in one way or another, it will not obtain my mercy on the day of judgment.” We are called to be instruments of mercy. This is our challenge as Christians.

To be an apostle of mercy is to live the mercy of God by being merciful (Luke 6:36) and to carry the banner of God’s mercy as a crusader of mercy. We must tell people of God’s mercy, that is the work of a devotee of divine mercy. It is important to have this across our chest “JESUS I TRUST IN YOU” like the great Jewish shema. This is what Jesus told St Faustina that all apostles of divine mercy should have as their motto. It is in total trust in Jesus’ mercy that we can be saved.
As a diverse catholic community at St Edmunds with varied spirituality, divine mercy must not be ignored. Join in the daily prayer at three o’clock, the hour of mercy or at any hour since God is ever present. The prayer leaflets are at the back of the church. Always observe Divine Mercy Sunday; do well to venerate the image of divine mercy as we venerate the crucifix on Good Friday. The Lord said to St Faustina, “I promise that the soul that venerates this image will not perish”.


Fr Mark